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But First, Brunch: Savory Start to Summer

School is out, temperatures are rising, and everyone is headed in different directions for vacation. There are sunsets to watch, beaches on which to lounge, barbecues to crash, and roller coasters to conquer. Yes, it's everyone's favorite time of year....well, MY favorite time of year, anyway. It's SUMMER! It's definitely a time to kick back and enjoy. However, with all the fun activities this season brings, it's so imperative that you don't miss out on the most important meal of the week. (Yes, the WEEK) Sunday brunch!!!

Ever since I was a little girl, brunch has been my favorite meal. Because it was something we didn't have every day, or even every week, it was extra special to me. My very first recollection of brunch is from my elementary school years. My mother often took me to Lily Langtry's, which at that time was located in the Valley Forge Sheraton. Going out to eat was always fun, but this wasn't just going out to eat, this was BRUNCH! I got to wear one of my "extra cute" outfits, have a shrimp omelet, and sip a Shirley Temple, which to an eight year old was equivalent to the finest champagne. Though some breakfast foods were served, even at that age I believed brunch to be far classier than breakfast, and even superior to lunch. Annnnd, if you ate enough, who needed dinner? After all, brunch pretty much covers all three meals plus dessert. Unfortunately, we only get so many Sundays in a summer. I'm here to tell you why you should spend at least one of your Sunday brunches at Eden Resort.

Eden Resort, nestled in the heart of Lancaster, PA, and home of one of the best champagne brunches I've ever had. There's so much food here, one cannot simply go in and begin to wander aimlessly. You'll tire yourself out before your first bite. You need a game plan and a navigation system, and I can help you with both of those. Before we get started, I have to say, be sure to make a reservation. There's an off chance you'll get in without one, but trust me, you don't want to risk it. Once you're seated, you can order your favorite brunch cocktail. I recommend the Eden Sunrise.(champagne and cranberry juice) Sip slowly on that as you sway to the sounds of piano man, Bill Horn.(He takes requests)

First decide if you're in the mood for breakfast, some of the savory lunch dishes, or if you prefer something light like a variety of salads. Yeah I know, nobody comes to brunch for a salad, but they have to provide the obligatory salad station. If you're a foodie like me, you'll want everything. So a good place to start is at the steak and omelet station, in the far right corner of the room. Make sure Carlos prepares your omelet. He's the only member of the staff I know by name, probably because he's so personable, professional, and FAST! You can give him ten ingredients you want in your omelet. He doesn't write anything down, doesn't ask you to repeat yourself, and he gets it right every time.

To the right of the steaks, you'll find all of your traditional breakfast items; French toast, pancakes, bacon, sausage, hash browns, scrambled eggs, bread and bagels for toasting, fresh lox, cream's all there, folks. I usually stop here just before dessert. If you pick up your omelet and head left, there's your made to order pasta bar. You pick the pasta, you pick the sauce, you pick the meats and vegetables. It's all YOU! Penne with crab, mushrooms, red onions, and Alfredo sauce is my fave. There's also freshly prepared mini crab cakes on the side. Are you full yet? We're not even halfway done! Keep heading left until you reach all of your favorite freshly carved meats. These may vary from week to week, but some of the top staples are juicy leg of lamb(with mint jelly), roasted turkey, country ham, and succulent roast beef(with au jus). Mmmmmmm.

There are two large stations in the center of the room. One is that incumbent salad bar I spoke of earlier, and the other is a savory smorgasbord with a variety of good eats. Now I know salad doesn't sound nearly as sexy as some of these other foods, but if this is your jam, you won't be disappointed. The ingredients are all so fresh, plus there's an awesome charcuterie spread on the other side. Where are my cheese fans? Oh, did I forget to mention the fresh fruits? In the summer, the strawberries are to die for! The second center station also varies weekly, but you can always find something wonderful there. That's where you'll get your Gruyere mashed potatoes, citrus marinade short ribs, steamed vegetables, swordfish, baked stuffed chicken, sausage and peppers, the list goes on and on.

There's always room for dessert! If not, you'll make room after seeing this dessert spread. Every type of cake and pie imaginable is laid out here. You can make your own sundaes, but it's not like those messy sundae bars at your average buffet, where M&Ms have fallen into the crushed Oreos and there are random gummy bears everywhere. This is all very nice and clean and orderly. Chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels, different flavored cake pops, and their newest creation that I recently had the pleasure of enjoying, caramel corn cheesecake delight. It's whipped caramel cheesecake filling, topped with whipped cream, caramel sauce, and caramel corn. Yeah, ALL OF THAT!

Here's the thing about Eden Resort. It's not just a place that serves an amazing Sunday brunch. It's a really beautiful hotel. A great getaway close to many wonderful attractions for adults and children alike. You want to partake in the brunch? Make a weekend of it! Grab your family/friends, drive out and enjoy all that Eden has to offer. You won't regret it, and it's likely you'll return.


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