She's Worth Waiting For


​Seventeen year old April Nelson has it all, and is sure she's well on her way to a securing a drama scholarship for college.  That is, until she finds out her father's job is being transferred and the family has to relocate to Pennsylvania.  What could possibly be worse than having to change schools during your senior year?  April's attitude changes once Lance Dupree shows up in her theater class.  The two hit it off instantly, much to the displeasure of Lance's girlfriend.  April finds herself very frustrated that Lance can't seem to bring himself to break up with Michelle.  However, if he does, there may be an even bigger problem.  April is sure Lance has been sexually involved with Michelle.  How will he handle the fact that she is a virgin who wants to wait?  Will Lance feel she is worth waiting for?



Fast Friends

Concert tickets from a radio giveaway bring fifteen year olds, LeShae Foxmoor and Rosalia Gonzalez, together one summer.  The two become fast friends who are practically inseparable.  The girls are having the summer of their lives until Rosalia begins getting much too serious with a guy both she and LeShae know is much too old for her.  LeShae doesn't say much at first, but she becomes uncomfortable when Rosalia continually asks her to lie and cover for her.  Things don't get any easier when she begins to notice the unusual actions of Rosalia's sisters.  Why is twelve year old Jennifer in such a hurry to grow up, and why doesn't ten year old Dolce ever seem to want to go home?  Things begin spinning out of control, and LeShae hesitates to discuss with her mom all that may be going on.  Does she talk and risk losing a friendship?  Or does she keep quiet knowing the safety of these young girls may be at risk?